Toy Safety – Why we import only from the USA and Europe: Toy Safety is something we take very seriously. For every product we sell, we require certificates of safety compliance.  In the United States, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act was enacted in 2008 to regulate safety in children’s products.  

For Toys coming from Europe, we require that all toys come with the CE symbol on the product.  This is evidence that the toy has passed the EN71 safety Standards.  This standard has been in effect in the EU since 1990. In addition to this preventative step, we follow updates sent out by the CPSC of recalls and safety infractions in children’s products. If there is ever a recall of an item we carry, we pull it from our shelves immediately and make all efforts to notify you, our customers!

Our Environment – Being Green: Journey Toys is committed to limiting carbon emissions and waste.  We prefer to buy from toy companies that used recycled products, plant trees, or engage in practices that contribute to a greener world. We also use recycled bags and limit our use of paper. We love it when our clients bring their own bags! Join us in the green revolution!

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