About Us

Journey Toys is a specialty toy site developed by Toyologists. Our philosophy, “Education is a journey of learning through play” grew out our quest for quality toys with which our own children could play. We believe that a child’s job is to play and to learn while playing.

 Therefore, we have chosen toys that entertain and educate. Our love of education and play combined with our passion to have all children in the UAE. These toys, compelled us to begin our own journey of bringing developmentally appropriate specialty toys that meet the interests of all children from all cultural as backgrounds, as well as bringing toys that are fun.

We invite you to shop with us and begin your own journey of finding exceptional toys to meet your child’s developmentally appropriate needs and interests.  If we don’t stock a specific item you have in mind,  please let us know. Through our many contacts in the USA  we are up to date with the latest toy trends. We also have onsite Educator who can assist you with your child's  individual toy needs. We are eager to help guide you and your child through the world of play.  Enjoy your journey through our site.

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