Arts and Crafts encourage children to use their imagination and create their own entertainment. Making something on their own endows them with a confidence in their abilities to make individual decisions and choices. Extending their thinking across multiple patterns of intelligence builds self esteem. Children gain positive emotional responses to learning and engage through a variety of learning styles that encourages a life long love of art.

Arts & Crafts

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SKU: jtarcra-0003

Write exciting messages with this beautifully organized wooden alphabet stamp set. It includes 56...

89,00 د.إ
SKU: jtarcra-0002

Add pizzazz to scrapbooks, posters, cards and school projects with this massive collection of...

30,00 د.إ
SKU: jtarcra-0004

Dream it, draw it, design it. Complete set includes 12" Mannequin, printed sketchbook, sewing tools...

200,00 د.إ
SKU: jtarcra0012

An ingenious, award-winning new loom design with spinning pegs speeds up the weaving process and...

125,00 د.إ
SKU: jtarcra-0010

This brilliant Creativity for Kids Mask Making set helps you transform yards of plaster gauze into...

99,00 د.إ
SKU: jtarcra0013

Let kid's inner artist come out and play! It's not any wonder this Vincent van Gogh Master...

150,00 د.إ
SKU: jtarcra-0009

This decorate-by-number concept helps reinforce number and color recognition skills. It includes...

45,00 د.إ
SKU: jtarcra-0006

Everything you need to make 8 awesome Paracord bracelets. Kit includes bold colored cords, bracelet...

85,00 د.إ
SKU: jtarcra-0001

This sturdy stencils come in three themed groups: farm, home, and ocean; a rainbow of colored...

89,00 د.إ

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