Board games are a powerful learning tool to teaching kids problem-solving, patterning, logical process, strategy, team work and more.  Boardgames teach us important social skills, such as communication, sharing, waiting, taking turns, and enjoying interaction with others. It can foster the ability to focus and lengthen your child's attention span by encouraging the completion of an exciting, enjoyable game.

Board Games

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SKU: jtboga-0002

This preschool counting bone-anza develops pre-math skills including counting along with fine motor...

99,00 د.إ
SKU: jtboga-0003

Be the first to place a row of 5 pyramids and you win this game of wits and strategy. Includes 24...

65,00 د.إ
SKU: jtboga-0004

Surfs up! Get your word brain on! It's a word scrambling race. Arrange and rearrange the...

65,00 د.إ
SKU: jtboga-0005

Jumbo Texture Farm Dominoes are an ideal way to help children develop tactile discrimination and...

199,00 د.إ
SKU: jtboga-0006

A sweet logic game of deductive reasoning. Using the clues, fill the tray with all nine chocolate...

95,00 د.إ
SKU: jtboga-0007

Rush Hour Jr. is a traffic jam logic game. Just like the classic Rush Hour logic game, you shift...

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SKU: jtboga-0008

Math Dice Jr. is the perfect dice game to introduce or reinforce early math skills in children....

45,00 د.إ
SKU: jtboga-0009

The classic last letter card game with a creative twist. Our artistic twist on this simple last...

59,00 د.إ
SKU: jtboga-0010

It’s not just bingo. It’s Zingo!, a matching game that encourages pre-readers and early readers...

99,00 د.إ

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