One of the best ways to explain the importance of preservation is to buy eco friendly toys.  Eco friendly toys are environmentally safe because the materials used to create the toys are sourced from renewable natural resources. They use vegetable dies and are biodegradable and/or recyclable. Purchasing a eco toy puts into practice what we all want for our earth.

Eco Toys

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SKU: jtectoy-0005

This chunky and funky wooden brontosaurus has a tactile Nubble tummy made from natural rubber. The...

80,00 د.إ
SKU: jtectoy-0017

Easy to grasp toys are soft and pudgy, featuring touch & teething tags. Made from organic cotton...

55,00 د.إ
SKU: jtectoy-0007

This elegant set of "first blocks" teaches numbers, colors, grabbing and stacking. Made from...

75,00 د.إ
SKU: jtectoy-0016

Smencils are scented are scented pencils that are made from 100% recycled newpapers.

10,00 د.إ

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