Pretend play is strongly linked to language, thought processing, abstract thought, problem solving, and logic sequential thought. It's fun and imaginative. It is the corner stone of child development. Through pretend play, children process the world around them while learning more about themselves and others through imagination . They develop more complex social skills, and synthesize knowledge to develop higher order thinking skills through imaginative play.

Pretend Play

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SKU: jtpp-0001

Dress up? This durable role play set is suitable for ages 3 - 6 and ready for any mission. Made of...

145,00 د.إ
SKU: jtpp-0003

Hello Campers. A delightful portable compact cooking wooden playset that includes a 2 ring stove...

265,00 د.إ
SKU: jtpp-0004

Serve in style with this elegant 3 tier cake stand complete with 8 detailed and delcious looking...

150,00 د.إ
SKU: jtpp-0008

Cash Register brings money math to life! Students can practice coin identification, addition,...

199,00 د.إ
SKU: jtpp-0009

Realistically detailed animals designed for little hands invite imaginative play and are perfect...

150,00 د.إ
SKU: jtpp-0012

Kids will love this 8-piece "power" jigsaw tool set that features realistic action and vibration!...

110,00 د.إ
SKU: jtpp-0013

Better Builders Career People feature the magnetic fun of the original ball and rod with colorful...

120,00 د.إ
SKU: jtpp-0015

• Cook up a deliciously good time with this ultimate play food baking set -- 20 food-grade,...

145,00 د.إ
SKU: jtpp-0016

• wood • Exceptional quality and value • This 9 piece wooden set of dry goods includes tuna,...

89,00 د.إ

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